Clinical Research Jobs

Clinical research is an area that has great potential for growth in many countries around the world. Good examples of countries where the clinical research industry is growing steadily are Canada, Singapore, the USA and India. Growth in this industry can be attributed to the increased number of diseases and increased concern for personal health amongst majority of the world’s population. Companies and organizations stand to make large sums of money from the discovery of new drugs and improvement of existing ones.

Clinical trial jobs include jobs for clinical research officers, clinical research coordinators and clinical research associates. When you land a clinical research position in an organization, you will be expected to participate in and manage the organization’s clinical trials. In some cases you may act as a biostatistician for the organization. This means it is your responsibility to design and analyze the programs for the expected clinical projects. Coordinating the clinical trials and planning for them is a large part of clinical trial jobs.

Fresh graduates can get into this field as clinical research associates. The minimum qualification for any job in this field is a bachelor’s degree in medicine, nursing, biomedical sciences or any other related degree. There are some clinical trial jobs that will require the expertise of those with non-science degrees.These positions are more suitable for Bachelor of Arts degree holders.

The competition for clinical research positions can be quite fierce. Precedence is usually given to those with some experience in clinical research. Don’t be discouraged however; positions for clinical research associates do not always require experience. The starting salaries for entry level positions such as clinical research associates is quite competitive and the employment packages are usually even more attractive. Clinical research is a lucrative industry with a great potential for growth. As the number of people who have concern for their health increases so will the demand for new drugs and more information about how to stay healthy.